The Bay - Place Where Art, Food, Business and Hustle were Married

Although there are many areas near bodies of water that can be called a bay, the moniker of "THE BAY" is reserved to only one place in the world. The area kissed by the Pacific Ocean, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento. The bay is known for it's diversity, a place where business and hustle were married and live happily ever after. At one time the Bay Area was the leader in music,fashion,entrepreneurship,out of the box innovation and just being the coolest people on this planet.
The Bay is on a resurgence to re-stake our claim.

Welcome to The 8 Bridges

Welcome to 8 Bridges. The culmination of everything Bay. From San Jose to Sacramento, San Francisco through Oakland and everything in between and beyond ... Here you will find a guide to small businesses of the bay area, a calendar of all events including sporting, concerts,theatrical and promoted venues. We will also be featuring "Bay Made" products ranging from clothes to technology, providing a platform for all visual, vocal and culinary artist to show the world their talents. Welcome to the new home of the Bay

The Bays 8 Bridges

8 BRIDGES (8B) signifies the 8 toll bridges that connect the bay together. Those toll bridges symbolize the blood sweat and tears we pay for the right to say we live in THE BAY" 8B is the vehicle to connect and display what makes the bay "The Bay" So, welcome to 8 Bridges a classic view at the future of the bay.